We would like to recognize and recommend our brother, Sidi Shakir (Joseph Lumbard) and his Contemporary Quranic Studies podcast at https://pod.co/quran-for-all-seasons. These short reflections on Quranic texts are both contemporary and traditional as well as spiritual and scholarly, and they are designed to speak to the heart.

Here is the description from his website:

Contemporary Quranic Studies dedicated to holistic engagement with the Quran through scholarly and spiritual reflections upon the text. Quran for All Seasons draws upon the depth and breadth of the Islamic tradition to facilitate discussions of the Quran that transcend creedal and ideological divisions.

The heart of this podcast is an ongoing commentary on the Quran, what some might call a contemplation, or tadabbur, of the Quran. It will begin with reflections upon the most frequently read and recited sūrahs of the Quran, such as the Fātiḥa, the short ṣurahs at the end of the Quran, as well Sūrat Yā Sīn, Sūrat al-Mulk, and Sūrat al-Kahf, among others.

In the future, these commentaries or reflections upon the Quran will be complemented by other podcasts that delve into central Quranic Teachings and major Quranic Themes, with the occasional deep dive into the implications of a particular Quranic verse or even a particular word and podcasts that discuss issues central to the field of Quranic Studies.


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